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Term used to indicate personal superiority. When spoken in conversation, the receiving party immediately knows that the person saying the word is of a high class because of that person's Bay Area roots. Thus, if the receiver is not of the same geography and stature, negative emotions arise from envy. A primary example is that of the frustrated SoCal dweller who is frequently subjected to the mighty and humbling presence of Bay Areans.
I hella plagiarized someone else's definition to make it fit on a mug
by the_dude_jr October 22, 2009
A term used to make ones self sound uneducated.
Yo, I'm hella cool.
by Dude, guy. May 12, 2009
Origin: Unknown

Meaning alot of or very
Yo it was hella bitties in that club last night.

That joke was from last week, yu hella late yo.
by piiglett. April 16, 2009
A word which means "really". Mostly used in Northern California. Don't judge us.
That was hella awesome!

by Hella Girl February 18, 2009
Being a NorCal kid, I know we claim this word...but it has been used once in a popular song by someone not from this area, Gwen Stefani in "Hella Good". While Gwen used it in it's proper term, I wonder where she heard it from. There may be others, but I only know of that song. Anyways, I hated the word when people first started using it, because it's poor English, but then I realized..it was something unique to my yay area (as we like to call it). So it's hella cool with me. Just like the Hi-NRG style music that originated in the South Bay in the late 80's that nobody played outside of the Bay Area...or played very little of. The wannabe Stevie B's (the only one to really go nationwide with that style which had the same beat, and generally, but not in his case, singing styles that were kind of mediocre, because it was really about the beat so you could wop and smurf to it).
Gwen Stefani "I'm feeling hella good so I'm goin to keep on dancin"
"Dude that was hella rad"

usually used frequently in somebodys vocabulary
"Man this is hella boring as shit"
"OMG that's hella wack"
by breeze riley November 21, 2007
hella meaning somthig is very...
dat mess was hella funny
by Alannagrl November 05, 2007