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Pretty much the best way of saying "cool" or "dank" or "sick"
Dude 1: "Hey man, you ready for the party?"

Dude 2: "Yeah, Man I'm hella down for this"
by MAXimumkillaa January 04, 2010
it often replaces the word very, extremly or a lot. popular slang term in northern and central california and may be used nation wide. it came from the expression "hell of a" contracted into one word.
"That shit was hella cool!" or "There was hella people at the show last night"
or "that was hella fucking stupid"
by triple 7 February 20, 2005
A word that cool people use....it's too good for the southerners to use.....NOR-CAL!!!!
That's hella cool.
That hurt hella.
Your hella gay.
I'm hella tired.
by stupid loser January 01, 2004
its like the word "very" but in a rad way.
"hey, that quiz was hella hard, man."
"aye you're lookin' hella fine today."
by deans May 30, 2014
Used primarily on the west coast north of the bay, it can mean either very, or alot.
Meaning 1: I'm hella high
Meaning 2: I smoked hella weed
by MentallAsylum April 10, 2013
another word for very / a lot of something / really
She hella cute.
That's hella far.
by steve_wk October 08, 2012