another word for very / a lot of something / really
She hella cute.
That's hella far.
by steve_wk October 08, 2012
(adv) A word that makes things better. Usually used in the 'pretense' form. Used to make things sound better, and more awesome. To describe a party or event.
Ex. 1
Bro 1: Hey man you want to hit up that party?
Bro 2: F**k yea man that party is gonna be Hella Fun!!

Ex. 2

Bro 1: How was last night?
Bro 2: It has hella f**kin' awesome.
by Constant party rocker February 11, 2012
(adjective, adverb, noun, NorCal English):
1- possessing large amounts of the subject being modified, generally having a positive connotation, though not always.

2- reaffirming the veracity of a statement, especially when preceding said statement.

3 - when spoken on its own, it can be an enthusiastic agreement with something another person just said. This is generally only done when the previous statement contained the word hella used in either the first or second manners outlined above.
Guy A - Bro, just got back from the doctor's.
Guy B - And?
Guy A - Crabs, bro. I hella have crabs.
Guy B - That hella sucks.
Guy A - Hella.
Guy B - You hella should have worn a jimmy.
Guy A - I hella should have.
by NorCal Herodotus December 05, 2011
The word is hella sick, it originated in Northern California in the bay area. Its used for hella things, you can use it for pretty much anything, just read the conversation:
Me: Dude, that party was hella sick last night.!
Tom: I know, there was hella people!
Me: I know you got hella drunk dude
Tom: I passed out hella early, when I woke up this morning I felt hella bad bro. I threw up hella times
Me: Dude you didn't even drink that much! I had hella beers and was up hella late!
Tom: Fuck you dude your hella annoying!

by The Origionator October 24, 2011
The term hella, as aforementioned herein, indeed originated in NorCal (some would speculate San Francisco, to be exact), yet 'hella' essentially derived from the phrase "hell of a" as in: "I've got a hell of a headache." Or: "That's a hell of a hike from here to there." Thus, throughout time, the phrase "hell of a" inevitably condensed to "hella" as we so frequently hear it used today.
"Yo! The new Tech N9ne album is HELLA tight!"

Cite source: I was present & used the term "hell of a" as the phrase developed during its evolution into "hella." I really have never used "hella" as it's more of a younger generation term. One of my friends from years gone by, however, did used the term during its evolution period which came out as "helluv" (hell of w/o the "a") before "hella" fully caught on. He'd say stuff like, "That's helluv cool!" Quite unique, the evolution of the American English language, wouldn'tcha say?! ;) ~slangity-slang-she-bop!

Cheers! :)
by DRSTRANGEL0VE September 02, 2010

If you don't know the meaning of it without looking it up that means you hella can't use it....I got hella love for California.
JC : Damn, that was hella wack!

Whoever: Hella? You must be from NorCal.

JC: NorCal? I don't play that shit, we're ALL in California.

Whoever: Oh, I'm from SoCal...

JC: Alright, well, SoCal or NorCal, either way you sound retarded, see I'm from CALIFORNIA. You subtle gangsters, get outta here.
by Mistah Bob Dabolina May 13, 2010
When something is 66.666% more substantial than it would normally be.
"You're girlfriend is a 6, my girlfriend is a 10, she is hella sexy"
by February 16, 2010

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