A completely pointless word that most sentences could live without.

Used to exaggerate a word.
"The word 'hella' is hella stupid!"

"You're hella right."
by TheBritishOne September 08, 2009
Term used to indicate personal superiority. When spoken in conversation, the receiving party immediately knows that the person saying the word is of a high class because of that person's Bay Area roots. Thus, if the receiver is not of the same geography and stature, negative emotions arise from envy. A primary example is that of the frustrated SoCal dweller who is frequently subjected to the mighty and humbling presence of Bay Areans.
I hella shortened someone else's definition to make it fit on a mug
by the_dude_jr October 26, 2009
A Northern California slang word for "very", "really", "alot"
"thats hella good"

"i hella want that hello kitty necklace"
by FUNDYN September 29, 2009
Large city in southern California
We spent the weekend in Hell A
by Martian February 03, 2004
everything everybody else says is true, except fuck the person that said the Fillmore is better than the Mission.

La Mission Pride, bitch!!!
That fool that said Fillmore is hella better than Mission is prolly a wannabe from Pacific Heights. All SFC neighborhoods be proud!
by Purplexic October 14, 2010
Adjective: alot, many, etc
Adverb: really, very, etc
Adjective- There were hella people there.
Adverb- The party was hella cool.
by Kelly Lazzara July 21, 2006
A word that cool people use....it's too good for the southerners to use.....NOR-CAL!!!!
That's hella cool.
That hurt hella.
Your hella gay.
I'm hella tired.
by stupid loser January 01, 2004
Hella adv., adj, 1. (adj.) a lot of, many, much. 2. (adv.) Very, extremely, in large quantity. (Also: helluv) Etym., combination of "hell" and "of", San Francisco
"There's hella candy in the cabinet."
"That girl is hella fine."
"That car is hella fast."
by pHiLdo October 28, 2003
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