Since when did Hell become an adjective?
"Dat was hella sick"
by Raddichio February 15, 2005
A word that cool people's too good for the southerners to use.....NOR-CAL!!!!
That's hella cool.
That hurt hella.
Your hella gay.
I'm hella tired.
by stupid loser January 01, 2004
Hella adv., adj, 1. (adj.) a lot of, many, much. 2. (adv.) Very, extremely, in large quantity. (Also: helluv) Etym., combination of "hell" and "of", San Francisco
"There's hella candy in the cabinet."
"That girl is hella fine."
"That car is hella fast."
by pHiLdo October 28, 2003
A word that has become popular that originated in the NorCal area.

Hella means "very" as in "It's hella hot in here!"

The word has spread, which is ironic because it sounds incredibly hickish (and likely has hick roots, with all of the Okies that moved to NorCal during and after the Depression).

Hella is not a word that people from outside of the Bay Area should be using, unless they actually want to sound like hicks.
Blonde girl: "I'm hella horny. Maybe I should say yes to the first guy that approaches me."

Brunnette: Oh god. You sound hella desperate.
#hella #hick #hickish #bay area #norcal #putos #baboso slang #san francisco #los angeles #new york #san diego
by Varrioso August 16, 2012
An adjective/adverb that can be used in place of the word "very" or "a lot." It is commonly used by Californians.
Anthony: Hey brian, you are hella cool!
Brian: I know Anthony. I sure am!
#very #mad #a lot #really #extremely
by hellabrian June 25, 2010
alot, very much
that pizza was hella good.
by ryn July 23, 2003
While used in most areas of nor cal, people from Santa Cruz look down on it, considering it valley. This is most likely due to all the tourists from San Jose they get. If a local uses it they will be at least temprarily shunned and often yelled at by even their closes friends.
WARNING: Don't say hella or hecka in Santa Cruz
That's hella tight!
Omg you did not just say that, don't be such a kook.
#hecka #valley #kook #nor cal #norcal
by strikeuptheband March 08, 2007
Lots of or alot in a large amount of
"Hey man that girl over there has hella big titties"
#hell of #alot #big #a bunch #many of #large amount
by S Bloyd June 17, 2006
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