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awesome,G,pimp,cool,top notch,a 10,the best damn thing,hell ya,oh fo sho,what it is,no doubt,

and others i cant think of right now

oh and ones you make up aswell once their certified that is!!
!!warning!! do not take these the following into serious consideration of becoming a reality by becoming obsesed with trying to acomplish them. chances are this will not happen to you but do consider the little things in life to be grateful for as the word will still apply in the use with the proper meaning and the right context !! get a new car: hella izzle fo shizzle

2. you get to kick it with the big boss dog D O double G

you obtain the skillz of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Terrel Owens, Brett Farve and a whole bunch of others including the ability to take down a hoop rim and bar like Shaq all at once

you get the rapping skillz of twista and everyone you can think of or crazy guitar skillz for those of you into that other stuff

3. you get the charm of James Bond wich no girl can refuse and crazy persuasion skills the whole package or for the ladies like Lara Croft

4. just use your imagination

oh and for the ladies it isn't just a guy thing it goes both ways so dont let the guys tell you otherwise ;@
by the real NOS August 10, 2008
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