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When you have no money and have minimal to no income for the foreseeable future. This could be due to not having a job, or simply spending all of your money on aftermarket parts for your car, or electronics. You're not just broke, you're hella broke. You do not want to have any expenses incurred during this time.

See ballin on a budget.
A: Hey man, wanna hit up the club tonight?
B: Naw dogg, I'm hella broke. Can't do shit.

Tuner car decal: Don't pull me over... I'm HELLABROKE
by SteeznutS March 09, 2016
Hella broke: when all your money goes into a passion. (Example: Car Parts )
All his money went into his car now he Hella broke.
by Thatguyblu January 04, 2016
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