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(N.) An addiction to the sun. Always needing it's rays to survive life. Needing summer all year round.
"Sammi has heliophilia;therefore, she lives at the beach,and is outside everyday"

"The sunflower needs the sun to survive as so does a person with heliophilia"
by smdsweetheart January 04, 2014
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A fanfiction that will fuck you up in so many ways. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster and in the end, you will never be the same again. One will often say they 'hate' Heliophilia but in reality they have suffered deep emotional trauma from this fic that they are not ready to talk about but do in fact love the story. One does not merely 'read' this fic without crying for days. A caution is placed to all those who are considering reading it. You might never read again.
"Why are you crying?"

"Oh. I feel you man. We'll get through this together."



"It's okay babe there's an alternate ending."


"Have you read Heliophilia?"

"....get the fuck out."
by sapphicgoddess August 28, 2014
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