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a really cute way of saying Ass
You have an absolutely breathtaking heinie
by corso954 March 24, 2005
201 30
Butt. Backside. Rear end. Tochas. Keister.
Larry spent the evening ogling Joanne's heinie.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005
114 40
A colloquialism for a Heineken.
Don't touch my heinie!
by frank carter June 08, 2006
58 46
The Americans and Canadians referred to Germans, especially German soldiers as "Heinies", from the pet form of the common German male proper name Heinrich.

In the film 1941 the Slim Pickens character calls a German Officer "Mr. Hynee Kraut!"

Heini is actually a common German slang word with a slight derogatory meaning similar to moron or idiot, but it could be of different origin.
Good morning heinie!
by Bougon April 15, 2010
23 12
A pompous word describing the tush of any animal. It it used to declare someone stupid, or unwittingly dumb.
Stop messing around with your pencil. You're being such a heinie.
by Made Een March 09, 2010
11 23