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beautiful girl
jennifer lopez is a heina
by Frikko July 26, 2003
113 256
Slang for your own personal peice of ass.
Kyle- Yo that woman is fine, I'd really like to stick it in her
Rich- Dude, that's my heina, find your own
by Richerry Walker June 01, 2006
70 231
Heina is a spanish slang for a bitch that you claim ownership of. Your heina is yours to fuck and no one elses.

see also: ruca
Shes my heina, If I see you touch her I will 86 you.

Don't fuck around with my heina!
by lord algorythm December 26, 2005
112 282
girl that likes to party or sleeps around
Wait till I get back and find heina of my own.
Daddy’s gonna love one and all.
by schelley February 19, 2005
41 322