Heina is a spanish slang for a bitch that you claim ownership of. Your heina is yours to fuck and no one elses.

see also: ruca
Shes my heina, If I see you touch her I will 86 you.

Don't fuck around with my heina!
by lord algorythm December 26, 2005
Top Definition
beautiful woman
sublime lyrics...santeria - My soul will have to wait till I get back
Find a heina of my own
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
A revered and/or beautiful female, often a girlfriend, most likely from the Portuguese "reina," (HIGH-na), meaning "born in the country." In Spanish, "reina" (RAY-na), means "queen." The origin of the use of "heina" to mean "girlfriend" is most likely the Caribbean or South America (especially Brazil), where both Portuguese and Spanish influences exist.
I'm going to the beach to find a heina.
by Oh! May 21, 2006
Male referring to his girlfriend. Term of endearment. My woman, queen, highness, above all other women. Slang for fine bitch, main bitch.
Stayin in tonight, just me and my heina.

Ellos van a buscar heinas.
by chella April 01, 2005
Polynesian word to say that something is amazing, great.
He'ina, this chick has big tits
by Francesco May 31, 2005
the other woman, or your girl on the side
My heina and me are gonna hang out while my girl is out of town.
by RedNeck Grrrl November 16, 2009
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