A large girl/person who actions and saying are ment to be attractive or cutesy but most definately not.
Yo that 200 pound chick has an icon of a baby platypus for her screen name, she is such a heffa.

by danibee May 25, 2006
Top Definition
a fat ass person who likes to eat
damn heffa you ate three whoppers and you are still hungry?!?!?!
by pringdawg February 03, 2003
A woman who knows better than to do something, but does it anyway.
That heffa wore my shirt after I specifically told the heffa NO!
by Gretchen March 21, 2003
a female that does not realize that her actions/words are not "cute".

Please refer to 'cute'
That heffa needs to shut up before someone slaps the taste out of her mouth
Bovine, cow, lard ass, fatty, etc.
that heffa besta get steppin!!!
by Salty92559 May 12, 2005
Any female who is out of line in what ever way and especially those who pisses me off
That heffa that cll my office fussing because she can not get her money back
by Theonlyone January 20, 2004
A female that gets on your nerves and/or does annoying things
"That girl that just bummped me in the hall is such a heffa"
by solo77 September 27, 2013
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