a word originated 4rm various winnie the pooh (yay) stories. Also very useful in describing that fat bitch that ust took your seat on the bus!
Jimboberina: hey boots y u standing up ? sit down its a bumpy bus ride Wooooo!

Boots: CRASH BANG W***OP(as she f***s down the bus stairs) Damn you heff***lummmpppppp!!! GRRRR! -

Fat seat stealing bus bitch is unaware this term is adressed to her..

Heffalump: ??????
by jolola June 12, 2005
Top Definition
Winnie the poo slang for elephant
The hefalump might get us!
by bob November 23, 2002
something or someone that is extremely large.
That man is 300 lbs. He is a hefalump!
#big #large #fat #huge #obese
by Juskidding November 22, 2009
(n)A large female mammal that walks upright on its hind legs in clothing that is uncoftably to reavealing and claims to be sexy. Also see Woozle.
The Florida malls are overflowing with hefalumps, someone should tell the hunting comision.
by LORD J June 21, 2005
A large or robust lady
Dawn French
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
a fat, minging woman with some big ass and big boobs.
Bessie you hefalump!!! Vicky you're a hefalump.
by Nick Lobanov May 28, 2004
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