The part of the body between the ball sack and the butthole.
Nigga... my heem has been on mother fuckin FIRE. That chick musta given me sometin.
by Bishop Jamal Smothers January 09, 2013
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Hennessey. The slang term for Hennessey liquor. Goes well with a bleezy, hence Bleezies-N-Heem.
I got to have my doe
everywhere I go
when they ask me whats my drink
I say Heem man what you think
by markl April 12, 2004
Hennessy Cognac. Liquor
What you know about me? I'm Mac Dreezy
Call Hennessy, Heem, and a blunt a Bleezy
I keep a fat sack wrapped in a backwood leave
by ACKRITE November 12, 2005
Heem is a word enhancer used to add extra emphasis to the end of other words; usually dealing with drugs.
"Dog, I'm trying to smoke heem!"
by Skeetchie August 10, 2012
(v) -When a guy attempts or hints he wants to hook up with a girl.
Example: (To girl) " Wassup I'm Marquis, we should get to know each other better. You should hit me up"

Friend in the background : "Oooh Marquis tryna heem!"
by MingMingOBlock November 12, 2013
No definition in general. Just a word which you put after any word to make it sound better.
Brian H. be getting that chop-heems!
by Marcos January 28, 2005
a\The act of ejaculation.
Wow dude I just striaght heemed on that real quick!
It's all about that heem team 2013!
by Heem Papi January 31, 2015
Heem is a verb meaning to smoke weed.
you tryina' heem?
that guy is a huge heemer
by dman420bluntsack March 01, 2012

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