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A feeling of being in a crowd of mostly Jewish people. Used lightheartedly to acknowledge that a particular location is favored by Jews.

This is not to be confused with heebie-jeebies, except to the extent that such confusion enhances the perceived funniness.
This place gives me the heebies. I haven't seen this many of my people since my Bar Mitzva.
by BillVo June 24, 2011
Uncommon abbreviation for heebie-jeebies.
See example under heebie-jeebies
by Msquared May 26, 2003
a bag of crack cocaine
Yo nigga i just got a huge sack of heebie's from your man , You wanna smoke up?
by Bart Stevens March 15, 2007
Shortening of "heebie-jeebies"

Another term for an erection, esp. in relation to one's sister.
Mythos says thinking about porking his sister gives him the heebies
by not Wil Wheaton May 09, 2003