A NorCal term for marijuana.
"Yo Humboldt County has the sickest hedges"

"Let's go chuff some hedges"
by M Rockwell February 15, 2007
Top Definition
1. A means of protection against financial loss.
2. A securities transaction designed to reduce the risk of an existing position.

To minimize potential loss by counterbalancing one transaction, such as a bet, against another.
We can hedge the 04 convertable paper by going short the common stock.
by adamisaspaz March 04, 2003
A. That one kid who annoys you

B. Annoying in a preppy way
Stop clicking your pen in class! You're such a hedge.

Trevor is wearing so much vineyards vines he's a hedge
by Bruhh V November 09, 2015
"That one kid who annoys you"
Stop clicking your pen in class, you are such a hedge.
by Jakes sucks December 29, 2015
Meaning awesome, cool, killer, sweet, good, very nice. Usually pertaining to someone or something looking or seeming "Hedge".
Wow! You look pretty HEDGE today, dude!
by Leeyayha June 20, 2016
n. 'hej. A Schuylkill County term for cannabis or marijuana.
Yo bott, you wanna go up da' party spot in da' woods later drink some yuengs and smoke some hedge?
by Bottsville Republican October 09, 2009
verb, meaning to immerse one in a moderatly-sized shrub
"Watch it rite or i iz gonna 'edge your father, innit brevvv?!"

"Wotz u sayin' bout my muvver?"
by steverf March 23, 2005
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