Term used by marijuana smokers to describe certain situations which may result in them freaking out. Has several meanings:

(1) Weird or unusal.
(2) Annoying or head wrecking.

When a person reguluarly creates hectic situations, they are said to be a hectoranian.
Niall: We shouldn't have watched Alice in Wonderland - it was hectic.


Paul: I hate it when James comes over, he's a hectoranian.
by Trueman_St January 04, 2008
cool, great, an expression of being a 'badman'
"dat man thinks hes hectic"
by Lethal Splinta July 27, 2003
meaning, crazy or out of this world in the surfing comunity. comonly used to describe a wave or wipeout.
that barrel was totally hectic!!!
by edos June 02, 2005
a krazy person
i dont care if im hectic its just me
by reece goddard February 03, 2004

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