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1) an idiot who feels the compelling need to be an asshole
2) <i>see asslantern</i>
Trance took the heckler and threw him across the skating rink at FnS.
by TranceStep441 April 11, 2003
28 20
a person who says shit while someone is trying to do stand-up comedy to screw him up cuz he's an asshole or if the act completley sucks.
The heckler screwed the comedian over.

Bill cowan is a fat ass
by anonymous May 15, 2003
262 34
1 - an idiot who feels the compelling need to be an asshole.
2 - one who insults and harrasses others to feel better about oneself.
3 - see asslantern
Trance stuck an entire helium tank up the ass of the heckler at FnS.
by TranceStep441 April 11, 2003
118 37
Short for German gun manufacturer Heckler & Koch.
"Tryin to stretch out the coca, like a wrestler, yessir
Keep the Heckler close, you know them smokers'll test ya"

by xxx January 18, 2005
139 61
Hater & judge. Not the same as a critic though. They are disrespectful half breads that feel everyone has to live by their opinions. Most of them 18-30+old, either live in theirs mothers/family's home still to feed off the maternal tit. Have no direction, lack stature and morals in human behavior.
(How to handle a bitch Heckler)
Female Comic: I was walking threw Jersey the other day and....
Heckler(yells threw the crowd): You suck, your a nothing, and a nobody, your a hag, you blow for Judas for duckets!
Female comic: Do people like you ever shut the fuck up? Your daddy was begging me to suck his dick offering 5G's while yo' momma was bent over gettin' a dirty sanchez from my agent punk. Who's the nobody? Get the fuck oudda here. Were you the guy, in that movie one time, where the group was yelling "squeal like a pig boy?" You can't handle this truth. That's why you hide behind your website opinions. BTW didn't you pay to see this show?
Heckler: (bows his head in shame when she gets done with him. The crowd laughs as he slowly cowers out of the building)
by owhora'$R'us@heckleNjeckle December 24, 2009
24 7
The second oldest profession in the world.
Welcome to the Heckling Club, where we will bring down the Glee Club. The heckler is the second oldest profession in the world.

-Sue Sylvester
by justjelliot May 05, 2011
4 4
an international skate, snow and surf magazine from Northern California
wherever good magz are sold
by christopher January 20, 2004
6 19