A lighter version of Satan's domain, hell, where temperature is kept t-shirt-and-shorts high, ruled by Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light.
I gave my son a yoghurt that had expired yesterday...I'll go straight to Heck.
by Journas October 19, 2003
Heck: Where peope who don't believe in Gosh go!
Gosh darn it! You're going to Heck for that fer sure!
by Immodest April 17, 2006
To eat with ravenous enthusiasm.
Q:What are you doing. A:Im having a heck.

Q:What are you hecking. A: Mostly dry wheetabix.
by Dr. Poppenstein April 30, 2007
The number one reason for getting out of Utah.
"Oh my freaken' heck!" I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! FUCKING HELL!
by Stiggy February 17, 2004
distortion of a phenomena or event, framing of reality through words to suit one's objective or agenda
Pres. G.W. Bush: "Brownie you're doing a heckuva job"
by rhav April 05, 2006
The worst place ever
After stepping in a flaming bag of dog shit, RJ told the perpetrators to go to heck.
by kingdick April 29, 2005
1) another term for hell
2) not giving a fuck about something
1) What the heck?
2) Mom: What about your studies?
some kid: I'm hecking it. Gonna quit college and start working.
by bleeeeeeppppppbloppppp September 10, 2004
similar to hell, but in a milder sense. Right in between hell and being alive/on earth.
"Oh no I took advantage of the free cheese stand at the grocery store. I am so going to heck for this."
by A. Pinter January 17, 2004

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