A lighter version of Satan's domain, hell, where temperature is kept t-shirt-and-shorts high, ruled by Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light.
I gave my son a yoghurt that had expired yesterday...I'll go straight to Heck.
by Journas October 19, 2003
Used in the place of swears
Heck you, you darning heck bag.
by TheDoodstah June 10, 2008
a synonym to hell
What the heck?
by HRS... February 04, 2010
Heck is a cleaner, less explicit way of saying hell, although technically it is a combination of hell and fuck. Why it is perceived as not a cuss word, Who knows?
What the heck?
by sylsyl11237 March 27, 2015
pussy way of saying hell
Liek when your mommy and teach scold you for saying such
Syaoran: what the hell???
syaoran: FUCK YOU!
Me: -punches syaoran-
Syaoran: -crying-
by Magia❇Eternia September 15, 2015
The worst word on the planet! It's a combination of the word hell and fuck.
Miranda, what the heck are you doing?!
by motorcycleriderwithsmoke July 24, 2008
Another way of saying hell
Arggg what the heck!!
by Chunt Seuy September 25, 2003
hell of a fuck
"Yo, how was that girl you hooked up with last night?"
"Dude, a total heck"
by aiaiaia1111 September 03, 2011

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