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1) An individual that is prone to destroying or breaking any material item due inpart to careless,abrubt, or overzealous manipulation of said item.

2) An individual that operates anything in the physical world with too much strength and awkward coordination.
Individual at the jewelery store having his watch band repaired:

Watch Repair Person: "If I can just get this band loose, I think I'll be able to make a quick and easy adjustment."

John (the watch owner): Easy man, you're being too rough you heavy-handed beast.....I ain't worried about 'quick and easy', I want you to slow down; be gentle and fix it smoothly and correctly."
by Tommy Boy Sadler November 25, 2007
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A term describing a generous bartender. This bartender always fills your pint glass to the brim and ensures you get your money's worth in any mixed drink.
"Jack sure is a heavy-handed bartender, there's just enough cranberry juice in this cranberry vodka to give it color."

"I'm starting to think Lisa is a cougar, she's always heavy-handed with attractive frat boys."
by Rena Jae November 02, 2011
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When something goes wrong or when a person says somehting mentaly damageing.

When you or someone else is devisted by curent events.

When things dont go very well.
This day is really bad I felt pretty Heavy Handed today.

I was beaten up, my gf left me and my car tires were stolen. I feel pretty heavy handed

I'm going to hit you so hard you're going to feel heavy handed
by Cpt. Shmidlap November 29, 2011
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