A member of the infamous Three Stripes. Heavy D is usually the driver on Stripe excursions, and sports the Coug', also known as 'Green Leader.' His choice weaponry includes Trojan-Style swords and large foot soldier shields.
Supa' Heavy, built like a Chevy, and I don't give a fuck 'bout the HEY HEY.
by Sleazy E March 02, 2004
Top Definition
a common street name for Heroine. Commonly stamped on sacks and printed on gram bags.
Yo homes let's hit up alphabet city to cop some heavy D.
by B aka Country November 06, 2005
Heavy D is a term I've only heard in NY, referring to Heroin.
Let's chill with Heavy D tonight.
by CMC-NY October 19, 2007
To take a huge dump; a number 2, but like 4 times as huge
Jared: Man, I just took the biggest heavy d last night!!! But those hamburgers was good!!

Brian: Well that's what you get when you eat like 5 of them...with beans as condiments!!
by phreshman14 September 01, 2009
usually the largest bikes of the Harley-Davidson family
Shit, I'm steppin up to a Heavy - D, fuck all this Sportster crap !!!!
by vin-ee February 12, 2006
A young male who is in the process of figuring out his sexual identity. Usually contemplates this as he watches star wars and tries to figure out if he is suited to be Han Solo, Princess Leia, or a Wookie.
That Heavy D asked out my brother.
by Adog March 04, 2004
someone so huge and hideous they can not be out in public without being made fun of
awwhh f*** here comes Heavy D
by Leigh Anne May 06, 2005
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