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When things get out of hand at a Jenny Craig meeting.
I don't really like the meal plans, but I'll stick with any diet that involves this much heavy petting.
by acidosis April 21, 2005
ummm im not to sure but i think its pretty much anything while the clothes are still on. Like foreplay but more pointless.
tara caught us doing some "heavy petting" WTF.
by emoanthony October 10, 2005
Having sex without penetration; where the penis only touches the vagina but does not enter it.
Kyle was heavy petting her last night.

Comment submitted with Request to Delete: "I am the CEO of a company called "Heavy Petting Corp".
We are the nation's leading supplier of dog mits.

We believe that this defintion defiles our family-values, and wish that you take this definition down ASAP before we file a law suit against UrbanDictionary.com
by Doesnt Matter July 03, 2003