oi oi, so tired at d mo, soz i eint written on dis fing 4 time, soz!!! yeh i bin gettin a lot better of l8ly, not 100% but i am gettin a lot betta, wot u bin up 2 of l8ly? apart from buggin me, lol onllllllllllly jokin, how iz my lil gyal chloe??? CHLOE U MISSIN ME! U BEST BE!!! lol, tell ur mum i said ello ello, anywayz chat 2 u on msn now, nite nite
by Alan October 20, 2003
Top Definition
Oi Oi! Hope ur feeling beta!! NOt fair i wanna cum see u!! :( lol!! Hopefully gona see u on monday! So av u stopped coughin an stuff...?? U know im worried bout u BARE!! ;) KInda scary dat dis year is goin so quick! Soon we will all be goin in different directions.. but i PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE ill keep in touch lol but u need a line dat i can ring u on init!! Maybe i should get u a chip 4 ur christmas prezi!! Be good at home and be nice 2 ur mummy so ur not always grounded!! Speak 2 u soon
Love ya xxX
by OnE iN a MilLiOn October 11, 2003
DIs is my second attempt 2 write bac!! Last 1 4 sum reason neva came up!? Ive bin fine!! Glad 2 hear u feeling much beta! And u no u dnt av 2 lie about nuffin 2 me!! Aint gonna change da way i see u! Miss u! x
by nobody baby* October 28, 2003
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