heaven is like a fairy tale its somethin that older people tell you so you can be good and do no evil and some man or women got drunk one day and they thought that they was talkin to god but was really talkin to them selves and that is what made the bible so kids don't believe everything you hear its one thing that can currupt the mind.
"If you live your life in the name of god you go to heaven, If you sin you go to hell" thats all bullshit
by Big Mike February 01, 2005
My local dump.
Also see Hell
If this computer doesnt work it is oging to heaven...
by DeathMoth October 27, 2004
where women go when they go to bed with me
last night
by Pete January 27, 2004
1. A place some people go to after they die.
2. Beatmania IIDX 9th Style.
3. Sunnyvale Golfland.
4. A geographic location. Take the white stairs across the street, or if you dislike stairways, elevator adjacent to it, 700th floor.
by dj gs68 October 19, 2003
The place one travels to after smoking pot.
"Man, Ima get me some pot and go to heaven tonight"
by Tom October 08, 2005
Heaven in a place that members of religions such as Christianity believe we go when we die if we follow their religion.

Heaven is suppose to be a place where happiness is eternal and it is perfect. However, no matter how great a place is, no matter how nice and happy everyone is, there is bound to be one bastard there that pisses you off, even if they are trying to be nice. You know the type, the really annoying type that follows you and won't leave you alone.

If you can't be away from the person, heaven isn't perfect because he pisses you off. If he can't be with you, he gets upset and heaven isn't perfect. I conclude that heaven must therefore be a state of mind where we are happy due to our inside only and we are unresponsive to the outside.

Heaven, I conclude is a cell where we are drugged up to give us a false feeling of happiness. Eternal happiness with no thought or any other feeling. Happiness can only be appreciated in comparison to other emotions. Without saddness, there is no happiness. Just as there is no good without evil.

I proclaim that heaven is us in the void of non-existence with no emotion.
If you think that makes no sense (Which I admit it doesn't.) Think about the websites that consider this proof that god exists.
"If God doesn't exist then we can never know what is good just because there is no ultimate good to be known."
by Real Gangsta in da House July 16, 2005
A place between girls's legs.
Er... Search google or else for examples or pics of a man's heaven. xD
by HJJIPpls December 28, 2005
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