Surprisingly, is a place that every single Narrow minded person on earth wanted to be in, mostly blonde teenagers.
Shelly: yaay I sooo want to be in heaven !! its like having a whole castle full of studs, like Gary !

Me: I don't wanna go to heaven, i'll spend the rest of my immortal life doing what ? Play chess for 50 billion years?
Fuck Shelly ! If God doesn't put me in hell, I'll find a way to get my ass in. At least i'll find my favorite Rock-Star there !
by MerWahn February 05, 2010
1. A place that God suppoedly descended from.
2. Somewhere on Earth that caters to many of your interests and can be a massively fun place to be.
1) An invisible place in the sky.

3) "Aw dude, that place has topless women, a load of arcade games, a whole slew of mix drinks, and every hour is happy hour. 'Tis Heaven, my friend."
by Mr. Bird April 30, 2005
a feeling/ you can feel this after sex.
feels like heaven!
by curved shit September 12, 2003
Heaven is a place where everything is wonderful and your every desire and need is met.
Brian looks and acts like he is in Heaven when he is sucking cock.
by Scott Walcott April 14, 2008
Eating loads of Chocolate
Just looking at pictures of your celeb crush

2. OMG He's Sexy
by Chocolate is heaven January 28, 2008
Were you go when you make a pile for your boyz.
I think I am going to go to heaven because I made a pile for my boyz.
by Ghoulciti March 28, 2007
Everyone wants in but no one knows why just because a book says it's the place to be when you die.
I hope I get in to Heaven.
by Phantom July 28, 2003

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