I don't know what these other people are talking about, Heaven is a mixed drink using sprite, crystal lite, and your choice of vodka or rum.
Please note: Heaven gets you fucked up. Consume wisely, since it tastes like punch with a kick. After all, that's pretty much exactly what this shit is.
by Jack o' Hearts May 29, 2010
A spiritual realm known by many religious followers as God's promise for eternal life after death. Though initially appealing to procrastinators, heaven is actually a terrifying concept upon careful consideration. Luckily, the existence of such a place seems extremely unlikely when modern scientific knowledge is considered.
Imagine living ETERNALLY in a place governed by an ultra-conservative omnipotent being. If you think church is boring, imagine heaven...
by mr.skeptic521 July 10, 2008
A place where you go if you simply believe that Jesus died to pay for your sins. It costs you nothing. Talk to a church pastor is a good start.
God, I believe your son died for my sins and I want to live for you. Show me how. Amen.

DING DONG, believe it and you're in to heaven mate!
by scottttttttttt November 28, 2006
Heaven is a place where everything is wonderful and your every desire and need is met.
Brian looks and acts like he is in Heaven when he is sucking cock.
by Scott Walcott April 14, 2008
gods vagina
you smell like heaven
by sayshwaaaaa October 15, 2008
sum of money depending on who we are talking about it can be 100,1000,100,000,1,000,000
if it's your baby's mama it's $100, if it's dr. dre is a mil
the way you reach bliss on earth through the man made/illusionary way...as time proceeds the furthur we seem to be from it
yo how much you get for working?

Four heavens
by Ebenezer April 11, 2006
A blow job and a cookie.
Welcome to Heaven, en-fuckin'-joy/
by xailum February 24, 2012

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