A term which is often exclaimed by a party in disbelief. Usually with regards to a hot female being suddenly noticed.
(hot girl walks by). Heavens!
by CostSon October 02, 2009
1- A place in religion, a good place with pearly gates and all that that people go after they die
2- A word said by people that don't want to curse and don't even want to say fake curse words (darn, heck, etc.)
1- Ye have entered heaven
2- My good heavens! What is that?
by whatever works January 27, 2005
Where the cool people go when they die. It's a concept that scares both the god-fearing man and the athiest. Let's face it... if it didn't, we wouldn't bother defining it.
I sure hope there's no heaven, cuz i won't get to go anyway.
by nephi November 07, 2003
A name given to the current boy of your dreams. This boy is unreachable and usually has a girlfriend but still flirts with you. This could be a noun (code name for the boy) or how to describe your time with him.
First girl: If I were to put my Heavens in order, using their first initial, it would look like this (DJCAMPSNAPR)
Second girl: Mine is (JANS)
by Jizz Friend July 06, 2010
Term for a person who makes claims about their wealth, and the luxury items they purchase. However, whenever it comes down to having small things, they cannot seem to afford them.
Person 1: I'm getting all this money, and I just got back from the Juicy store. I spent about a stack!

Person 2: These chips are good.

Person 1: Oooh lemme get some!

Person 2: Damn yo, you tryna pull a Heaven?
by buster knutz February 09, 2010
I don't know what these other people are talking about, Heaven is a mixed drink using sprite, crystal lite, and your choice of vodka or rum.
Please note: Heaven gets you fucked up. Consume wisely, since it tastes like punch with a kick. After all, that's pretty much exactly what this shit is.
by Jack o' Hearts May 29, 2010
a.) A place or state-of-mind or whatever that was made up by people that thought felt that the good feeling they got when they did something good wasn't enough.

b.) A place or idea used to bribe others into believing what you believe
a.) I have yet to kill anyone, surely there will be a great reward for this after I die, I think I'll call it Heaven

b.) If you follow Jesus Christ, you will go to Heaven.
by Lanky Joe November 02, 2005

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