isn't a place you go when you die, it is a moment in life where you are truly alive.
I love my is simply heaven.
by blue fitz August 21, 2009
the most perfect thing or person in the world, or away from it....beautiful...cute like a lil baby turtle
dam gurl, your so sexy...looks like you could be heaven.
by secret person February 17, 2008
A term which is often exclaimed by a party in disbelief. Usually with regards to a hot female being suddenly noticed.
(hot girl walks by). Heavens!
by CostSon October 02, 2009
A place where you get everything that you could go to hell for.
There's no heaven, There's just hell...
by NonCarer March 05, 2016
A material place that is created by the positive use of Mind.
A place for the living gods.
A state of mind that can be discovered by mantras.
Lasting Peace and Happiness.
A Spiritual Place that manifest as a Psychic Place and finally as a physical place.
The Spiritual Feeling of 'Nothingness" the Eternal Space and Creativeness that expands in to Eternity.
The Eternal Place of God's Abode.
The final resting place of the soul. Soul is still active in Space, but his actions produce no Karma.
Rastafarian members believe you create your heaven now so that you have it to go to later.
by Parasmart May 21, 2015
Term for a person who makes claims about their wealth, and the luxury items they purchase. However, whenever it comes down to having small things, they cannot seem to afford them.
Person 1: I'm getting all this money, and I just got back from the Juicy store. I spent about a stack!

Person 2: These chips are good.

Person 1: Oooh lemme get some!

Person 2: Damn yo, you tryna pull a Heaven?
by buster knutz February 09, 2010
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