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Term for a person who makes claims about their wealth, and the luxury items they purchase. However, whenever it comes down to having small things, they cannot seem to afford them.
Person 1: I'm getting all this money, and I just got back from the Juicy store. I spent about a stack!

Person 2: These chips are good.

Person 1: Oooh lemme get some!

Person 2: Damn yo, you tryna pull a Heaven?
by buster knutz February 09, 2010
A teenager girl who loves living and writing. Sees things in a different view than most other people. And all she wants is to write and hope people get a peice of what she is like from her writing.
Heaven on earth
by princesshvnly February 05, 2010
the most perfect thing or person in the world, or away from it....beautiful...cute like a lil baby turtle
dam gurl, your so sexy...looks like you could be heaven.
by secret person February 17, 2008
a.) A place or state-of-mind or whatever that was made up by people that thought felt that the good feeling they got when they did something good wasn't enough.

b.) A place or idea used to bribe others into believing what you believe
a.) I have yet to kill anyone, surely there will be a great reward for this after I die, I think I'll call it Heaven

b.) If you follow Jesus Christ, you will go to Heaven.
by Lanky Joe November 02, 2005
I don't know what these other people are talking about, Heaven is a mixed drink using sprite, crystal lite, and your choice of vodka or rum.
Please note: Heaven gets you fucked up. Consume wisely, since it tastes like punch with a kick. After all, that's pretty much exactly what this shit is.
by Jack o' Hearts May 29, 2010
A name given to the current boy of your dreams. This boy is unreachable and usually has a girlfriend but still flirts with you. This could be a noun (code name for the boy) or how to describe your time with him.
First girl: If I were to put my Heavens in order, using their first initial, it would look like this (DJCAMPSNAPR)
Second girl: Mine is (JANS)
by Jizz Friend July 06, 2010
A spiritual realm known by many religious followers as God's promise for eternal life after death. Though initially appealing to procrastinators, heaven is actually a terrifying concept upon careful consideration. Luckily, the existence of such a place seems extremely unlikely when modern scientific knowledge is considered.
Imagine living ETERNALLY in a place governed by an ultra-conservative omnipotent being. If you think church is boring, imagine heaven...
by mr.skeptic521 July 10, 2008