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HEAVEN is a place full of everything, ..... you get sent to hell for!!!!!
Heaven's sake, how can ANYONE be surprised at the news of Justin being gay.
by ms5hellyeah January 08, 2014
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Heaven is a girl who is very sensitive and cares but also harworking. She doesn't take pain very well. She is also beautiful loud and secrective, she tells everyone her buissness and her families buissness, but she never really means to.
Heaven is loud.
by dont_hate_the_post_ December 29, 2013
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a sexy, magnificiant brunette ready to enjoy your hugs.oh and, shes sexy.
oh hell no! its heaven! hallelujah! hot mama.
5 4
A term which is often exclaimed by a party in disbelief. Usually with regards to a hot female being suddenly noticed.
(hot girl walks by). Heavens!
by CostSon October 02, 2009
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isn't a place you go when you die, it is a moment in life where you are truly alive.
I love my life...it is simply heaven.
by blue fitz August 21, 2009
13 12
1- A place in religion, a good place with pearly gates and all that that people go after they die
2- A word said by people that don't want to curse and don't even want to say fake curse words (darn, heck, etc.)
1- Ye have entered heaven
2- My good heavens! What is that?
by whatever works January 27, 2005
18 17
Where the cool people go when they die. It's a concept that scares both the god-fearing man and the athiest. Let's face it... if it didn't, we wouldn't bother defining it.
I sure hope there's no heaven, cuz i won't get to go anyway.
by nephi November 07, 2003
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