A teenager girl who loves living and writing. Sees things in a different view than most other people. And all she wants is to write and hope people get a peice of what she is like from her writing.
Heaven on earth
by princesshvnly February 05, 2010
Heaven is like the moment of clarity that our souls receive when we die. It spends a lifetime answering all the questions that we never knew the answers to, it makes us see beautiful things that earth cannot provide us with, and people we loved and lost are united with us again. Heaven is everything that we want it to be.

The Christian view seems to me as if you’ll never go to heaven unless you do everything that God supposedly wants you to do and throughout your life you must live free of sin, or at least repent it afterwards. It seems a fairly corrupt system that they seem to use as a guilt trip against us to make us start believing. I know my opinion isn’t important, nor does it have to be believed, but there’s a Heaven for every one of us out there, no matter what we’ve done, I’m sure of it; while we’re here though we can make Heaven ourselves through love and through the beauty around us.

On earth, heaven is a feeling, whilst through death it becomes a place.
1. when i die, i'll go to heaven, cause i've been good

2. i'm so in love with you, it feels like heaven
by Tom Reeves April 02, 2005
a pplace where you live your perfect life, anything you've ever wanted is there.
Many say heaven is where you go when you die, and some think you have to make your own heaven.
I can however, assure you that you will not be raped by pastors or preists in heaven unless it's one of those things you've always wanted...
The best computer, my whole family, and Sam right next to me, this must be heaven.
by rockmo May 02, 2004
HEAVEN is a place full of everything, ..... you get sent to hell for!!!!!
Heaven's sake, how can ANYONE be surprised at the news of Justin being gay.
by ms5hellyeah January 08, 2014
A term which is often exclaimed by a party in disbelief. Usually with regards to a hot female being suddenly noticed.
(hot girl walks by). Heavens!
by CostSon October 02, 2009
isn't a place you go when you die, it is a moment in life where you are truly alive.
I love my life...it is simply heaven.
by blue fitz August 21, 2009
the most perfect thing or person in the world, or away from it....beautiful...cute like a lil baby turtle
dam gurl, your so sexy...looks like you could be heaven.
by secret person February 17, 2008

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