A place for our souls to go after we die, heaven is not a physical place nor being. Consider heaven a place of mind, however, only God can reveal what it is truly like.
Heaven sure is cool, i wanna go there!
by Bryce February 03, 2005
She's sexy, loves her friends ,a wonderful girlfriend ,but kinda shy.she doesn't like to stay in her house all day she likes to do fun stuff . she's kinda lazy,and likes to watch TV and cuddle, she love to long board .she's funny,smart,a good friend ,she has a bubble butt . and is a great singer and dancer!!
I love Heaven
by invasion February 21, 2015
A nickname for Whiting, Indiana predominently used by the rest of Lake County and Chicago. The nickname orginated in the 1960s when the counterculture youth of the area were expressing their feelings of displeasure to the amount of religous zealotry in the town. This was evident to the counterculure by the number of churches that dotted the skyline.
Hey, let's go to Heaven and celebrate the 4th of July there.
by Joe Iron June 07, 2007
a sexy, magnificiant brunette ready to enjoy your hugs.oh and, shes sexy.
oh hell no! its heaven! hallelujah! hot mama.
A teenager girl who loves living and writing. Sees things in a different view than most other people. And all she wants is to write and hope people get a peice of what she is like from her writing.
Heaven on earth
by princesshvnly February 05, 2010
Being in a position between Megan Fox and Audrina Patridge while they are rubbing their oiled up boobs on each other
Heaven - "You want to get inbetween our tits and oil us up while we rub each other?"
by stringbean18 March 25, 2009
a pplace where you live your perfect life, anything you've ever wanted is there.
Many say heaven is where you go when you die, and some think you have to make your own heaven.
I can however, assure you that you will not be raped by pastors or preists in heaven unless it's one of those things you've always wanted...
The best computer, my whole family, and Sam right next to me, this must be heaven.
by rockmo May 02, 2004
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