A place that, by people trying to ascend to it, has caused hell on earth.

A place with a population of about 12, and let's face it they'll be pretty boring.
1: " Let us torture and kill these heathens for then we will surely enter the kingdom of heaven"

2: Peter: "Sorry mate you can't come in, you've broken many of the ten commendments"
Me: "Oh never mind then, I'm off for a kebab"
by a.thiest June 23, 2006
1. The current place where Jesus has his thrown, next to God the Father. According to Christianity, the place of everlasting peace and joy with Jesus as a reward for our faith and repentance. Jesus called it “paradise” while on the cross. Jesus dwelt there with God the Father before coming to the earth and returned after completing his earthly ministry. The Bible calls the heaven of the future the New Jerusalem that will be on planet Earth for Jesus and his followers. It will be a city of 1,500 cubic miles composed of streets of gold, a sea of glass, mansions, numerous fruit trees, Christ’s throne and overhwhelming joy and fellowship with Christ. The foundations and walls of the city will be composed of numerous gems. The scriptures say that Christ’s followers will be able to go back and forth from the New Jerusalem to the Earth. We,as mortal human beings, cannot fathom its beauty. Only God the Father and Jesus know what it will look like.

2. my honeymoon
After his resurrection, Jesus spoke of our reward in heaven when he said "I go to prepare a place for you. When I come again I will receive you unto myself, that where I am, there you will be also.
by krock1dk December 06, 2007
Heaven is really just one big orgasm
Religion teacher: There is no sex in Heaven
Me: Heaven should be all sex all the time
T: Being with God feels the same as the best part of sex
M: So... Heaven is just one big orgasm? Dude, that's what they should say to attract people to Christianity..!
by _plethora_ August 27, 2006
Basically graffiti on out of reach places.

like Graffiti on freeway signs that hangover the entire freeway or Billboards etc..
Dropping bombs on heavens are the ultimate challenge.
by DigDug March 08, 2004
The most amazing person you will ever meet. Doesn't always live up to the name. . .not an angel.
That girl should be named Heaven she just amazing.
by sHoRe1993 February 13, 2010
Hard to reach high areas to throw up graffiti such as freeway signs and the tops/upper floors of
"That freeway sign is in the heavens"
by Nappy January 20, 2003
A place for our souls to go after we die, heaven is not a physical place nor being. Consider heaven a place of mind, however, only God can reveal what it is truly like.
Heaven sure is cool, i wanna go there!
by Bryce February 03, 2005

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