Heather is a georgeous girl with a passion for music (mostly the Rolling Stones). She loves snakes and dogs, and she would rather chill by the pool with a beer rather than go shopping. This girl Heather is an awsome chick to hang with. She's hallarious and you will find youself laughing at anything she says.
boy 1: aww is that heather
boy 2: yes let's go hang with her
by just cause October 09, 2013
A girl with the name "heather" usually is very very beautiful.
Hey look at that hott girl.her name must be heather.only heathers can be that hott.
by Heather Mellinger February 10, 2007
A girl that it's hard for her to keep her legs closed and she smells like rotting fish and will steal your guy from you never trust a heather
Don't be like that bitch heather
by Always_Killen_It_💯 June 01, 2016
Someone who is annoying. She can be on your last nerve sometimes (a lot) but is a good friend sometimes. Usually short, brunette,
Jessica: omg that girl is annoying

Bob: she must be a heather
by pinklepard January 28, 2015
Crazy. Only cares about herself. Usually screws people over. Thief. Shouldn't be trusted. Loves animals. Runs with a bad crowd. Almost always on drugs.
i hate Heather.
by ProjectToxic May 22, 2016
She is one of the best types of girls you can ever find and have. There is none parallel to a Heather. They are absolutely amazing. While sometimes a bitch, they only ever are one in good fun or when they need to get ruthless. They are generally beautiful, magnificent girls with a lot to look forward to as well as a lot of friends. They will pull your day up from shit to a great day just with a smile.
Alex : Man Heather, is just so amazing.
Heather: K cuntdick 😆.
by Ieatducks July 31, 2016
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