A girl with the name "heather" usually is very very beautiful.
Hey look at that hott girl.her name must be heather.only heathers can be that hott.
by Heather Mellinger February 10, 2007
Someone who is annoying. She can be on your last nerve sometimes (a lot) but is a good friend sometimes. Usually short, brunette,
Jessica: omg that girl is annoying

Bob: she must be a heather
by pinklepard January 28, 2015
A Heather is one of the most amazing people you'll meet. She is very kind and so much fun to be around. If you snag one as a best friend you are a lucky person; plus she is swhy as hell. She can does forgive but doesn't forget and if she's mad she's mad all day. Heather is a true catch.
The girl such a Heather. Imma wife her right away.
by Tianna756 June 24, 2015
When a woman is able to swallow a whole man with her vagina as a result of being fisted multiple times in a high school locker room, possibly for a porno.
(inside heather's cooter)
guy 1: *wakes up and yawns*
guy 1: dude i tried to get it in with Heather last night
guy 2: oh so that's why you're in here?
guy 1: in wher.... oh shit
guy 2: yeah i heard her sister is the same way
by Hornyrabbit69 July 26, 2014
A calm and sweet girl with a habit of lying to impress. Very kind and nice, enjoys the company of freinds and animals. Is also a plant.
1: heather looks nice
2: she is
by Cimcamcoomcamcimcoomcom January 01, 2014
A hoe.
wow you're being a real heather right now.
stop fucking my mom, heather.
by Stealyourmanandyourgirl May 14, 2015
the most hilarious, amazing, kindest person. she usually has big blue eyes and long blonde hair. she loves herself, and rightfully so! you can trust a heather with anything. when yout find a heather she will be your best friend forever
I've finally found my heather!
by itsverysecretsorry October 14, 2013
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