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A girl with big pretty brown eyes and a nice smile. Her laugh will make you laugh and her giggle will make you fall in love. She usually only falls for douche bags while there are tons of nice guys who are in love with her. If you ever have a chance for her to like you, don't blow it. She's not shy at all the first time you meet her but as you go on to know her you'll see many sides to her. She loves to sing, dance and act but she doesn't know how talented she is. She's worth a million bucks so don't ever lose her. Oh, and she has a nice butt.
Dude 1: Bro, have you seen that girl over there? Her smile is so beautiful.

Dude 2: Of course I've seen her man. Who wouldn't notice her? She's totally a Heather.
by Jacob1993 June 29, 2014
A girl with the name "heather" usually is very very beautiful.
Hey look at that hott girl.her name must be heather.only heathers can be that hott.
by Heather Mellinger February 10, 2007
the most hilarious, amazing, kindest person. she usually has big blue eyes and long blonde hair. she loves herself, and rightfully so! you can trust a heather with anything. when yout find a heather she will be your best friend forever
I've finally found my heather!
by itsverysecretsorry October 14, 2013
A beautiful young girl.Heathers tend to take after her mother. Heather grows to take on very many men in her life in sexual manners. The only thing not beautiful about her is her personality.
Heather is a Beauty from the outside but not inside.
by batman111na June 26, 2014
See definition of cunt.............. Zxgcjhndhnchnfhb
Heather is a bitch ass cunt
by Finnyfunnypuny February 22, 2014
A stone cold bitch. don't get me wrong she's a wonderful girl and sweet as can be, but after hanging out with her for any extended period time, you end up with a taste in your mouth and wonder, "Did I eat something bitchy earlier?"
"I hung out with Heather earlier today, and now i can't get the taste of the Jersey Shore mixed with cabbage out of my mouth!"


Me:hey heather how are you doing?
Heather: Fine how about you?
Me: Jesus, heather! Would you release the bitch throttle for like 5 minutes so i can hear myself think.
by kickittracy January 16, 2013
A person who crushes dreams, or simply, a dream-crusher. Usually used as a jape and not for expressing hate.
1. Some guy : "Hey girl, I love you so much."

(Heather) : "DIE MO-FO!"

Some guy (tearful, but slightly amused) : "You're such a Heather!"
by meguy112 June 22, 2012