When a woman is able to swallow a whole man with her vagina as a result of being fisted multiple times in a high school locker room, possibly for a porno.
(inside heather's cooter)
guy 1: *wakes up and yawns*
guy 1: dude i tried to get it in with Heather last night
guy 2: oh so that's why you're in here?
guy 1: in wher.... oh shit
guy 2: yeah i heard her sister is the same way
by Hornyrabbit69 July 26, 2014
A calm and sweet girl with a habit of lying to impress. Very kind and nice, enjoys the company of freinds and animals. Is also a plant.
1: heather looks nice
2: she is
by Cimcamcoomcamcimcoomcom January 01, 2014
A very open woman!
What an open woman! Is that Heather?
by Xoch February 04, 2012
A name that is tattooed on every guys nipples
Is that a heather on your nip
by Flabby grandma dick August 14, 2014
the most hilarious, amazing, kindest person. she usually has big blue eyes and long blonde hair. she loves herself, and rightfully so! you can trust a heather with anything. when yout find a heather she will be your best friend forever
I've finally found my heather!
by itsverysecretsorry October 14, 2013
A beautiful young girl.Heathers tend to take after her mother. Heather grows to take on very many men in her life in sexual manners. The only thing not beautiful about her is her personality.
Heather is a Beauty from the outside but not inside.
by batman111na June 26, 2014
Named after the soft, fluffy cotton fiber. She is delicate to the touch and supple to rub your face against. Her personality is so fresh and breathable just like the cotton textile. She should spread her seeds like the botanical cotton fiber.
Could you get me a Heather swab for my ear?
by Tickle-me-cotton November 18, 2010

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