A lady who is everything. She is the best and worst, the most beautiful and least beautiful and loves to bathe and eat. Heather's are always a riot and should be revered for the wonderous ladies they are.
Who do you revere? I revere that Heather.

Who is a riot? Heather is a riot.
by Farko February 04, 2010
Heathers are usually the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. They are extremely sexy and have nice bodies. Heathers are also amazing kissers. However , they are not self absorbed bitches. Heathers have fun, loving personalities and are crazy fun to be around. Alot of the time they are shy to outsiders but very comfortable with friends. Be warned--Heathers are the funniest girls you will ever encounter. Any boy to hook a Heather should consider themself extremely lucky and never let her go. Not only are they kind , but also smart. If you are considering asking a Heather out , JUST DO IT! You will not regret it && will have lots of fun showing her off to your friends.
Damn, look at Heather. She's so sexy.
by FoOtBaLlGuY2O12 January 19, 2012
This is an amazing girl who is very outgoing. She loves to have fun and is always in a good mood. She is beautiful, loving, caring and any boy in the world would be lucky to have her to call his own. She has beautiful long brown hair that that flows down her back. Quite easy to fall for because of her charm and sence of humor. She isn't always the best at everything she tries but, she always tries her best and has a positive attitude. A great catch to bring home to your family.
She looks like she would be a Heather
by boy who is in love April 09, 2011
Heather is a random, fun, shy, thick ass brunett, that loves to party and has chocolate brown eyes. Shes NOT a whore but can be a bitch. Shes a reliable person if you need her, isnt really good with comforting but she loves make you smile. She can be your best friend enemy the choise is yours. Its not good to be on her bad side but she dosent judge people untill she knows them. She loves to act dumb in public with her best friends and youll never really know if shes gay or not. She is a procrastinator from hell, loves to walk and be sneeky even though shes a sucky lier.
guy: Hey are you okay??

girl: Yea I already talked to Heather!!

guy: She pretty down to eart person.

girl:Tell me something I dont already know!! I love her, shes my best friend!!
by BrunettBabe May 10, 2010
Heather Foti, A young, hot, blond, well endowed slut who constantly fucks both guys and girls. She consistently bends over on purpose to give males a breath taking view of her flawless rack and ass. she wears thin low cut shirts showing off lots of perfect cleavage leaving guys with aching hard ons to jack off with after class.
It is not uncommon for her to spend extra time "conferencing" with her deans and many a science teacher has helped the lithe babe better understand the process of sexual intercourse. On memorable time was when she was caught in the middle of a tutoring session and ended up in a crazy three way with her hot male Bio teacher and sexy female principle. People say the moans carried to the auditorium and the lab table was a hot sticky mess. Needless to say heather and her principle's clothes were ruined and the two of them left in a warm dripping mess back to the office.
by puntitlover October 07, 2010
A Heather is the definition of someone who sleeps a lot,

the name for this is snooze.
That Heather don't half snooze a lot

by MajorXD May 24, 2009
An awesome girl that no one can resist. Can be a bit bipolar, but she loves to laugh and play. She LOVES music and her boyfriend, who happens to be Nick. She has DARK Brown/red hair, hazel green eyes and big tits. Let's face it, EVERYONE loves Heather!
by ILoveTurtlesAndUnicorns October 26, 2011

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