Heathers are usually the most beautiful girls you will ever meet. They are extremely sexy and have nice bodies. Heathers are also amazing kissers. However , they are not self absorbed bitches. Heathers have fun, loving personalities and are crazy fun to be around. Alot of the time they are shy to outsiders but very comfortable with friends. Be warned--Heathers are the funniest girls you will ever encounter. Any boy to hook a Heather should consider themself extremely lucky and never let her go. Not only are they kind , but also smart. If you are considering asking a Heather out , JUST DO IT! You will not regret it && will have lots of fun showing her off to your friends.
Damn, look at Heather. She's so sexy.
by FoOtBaLlGuY2O12 January 19, 2012
The nicest person you will ever meet. She is always there for you and is extremely trustworthy. She will never let you down. She is always willing to lend a hand and is very intelligent. Her extraordinary beauty matches her wonderful personality; she is truly beautiful inside and out. She is a very special friend whom should be treat with kindness. A true friend forever.
by lol123334 May 13, 2011


A Flowering Plant

Gender: Female
Origin: English
Heather, is like a flowering plant growing in spring.
by rainbowgirl September 24, 2009
billons of laughs, loves to sing ALOT, amazingly random, youtuber, sir-cough-alot, godly (loves god alot), has a fun life, has lame hair until she straightens it then its amazing, has rain boots, dresses up very weird, gives very good advice, accepts ppl for who they are, is a good actress, cant type without messing up every second, loves chucks (the shoes), caring, flirts alot, sleeps alot...not an early bird, says random weird things, can be very creepy, over exaggerates alot, thinks about death alot, loves food (pizza), a jazz addict, doesnt think quietly, sorta impatient, has amazing eyes, a pretty smile, makes lame jokes that ppl dont laugh at, shuts ppl down!, big boobs, no butt, pale as freakin crap, big feet, soft skin.....sometimes, likes musicals, less than threes thurmans, has a billion friends, and plenty more,
thing 1: i wanna be a heather...but...im a guy

thing 2: get away from me weird-o (thinks to himself i wanna be a heather too)
by mysteria4 June 10, 2009
A hot girl that loves to get action. Normally has blondish hair and blue/green eyes. A very big flirt that loves to send dirty messeges to guys. Seems easy at first but she makes you work for it. She normally is one to love to grind on guys and party. Most girls envy her for getting all the guys and action that they are missing out on. One of the best grinders around. Great kissers and tend to be great in bed. They know when to quit but will satisfy every sexual urge you have. So guys reading this, go after the Heathers; they are keepers!
"Who are you going to the dance with?"
"Hell yeah man. Score."

"Holy shit, she is such a Heather"
"Go get her man!"
by bigdaddy215 March 12, 2010
Pseudonymous with perfect. Usually the name of a girl who has perfect looks and a perfect personality.
Damn that girl Heather is so perfect. I would marry her if I could
by techie94 July 23, 2010
Another name given to an aesthetically pleasing female who looks as though she stepped off the set of the movie 'Heathers.' Most commonly found in the mid through late 1980s with feathered hair rocking out to 'Walking on Sunshine.'
Hipsters are OK, but I always enjoyed the original Heathers.

Heathers were the Bettys of the 80s, man.
by stillscared February 03, 2010

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