The act of which a woman eats vaseline then gives a large native man a blow job so that the penis can go down her throat will no hassle, however the woman usually chokes,
so the second step of a "heather" is giving the heimlic manuever so she doesn't die while giving her deep and erotic anal sex using the left over vaseline as lube. Carefully, the large native man removes his penis and drops the woman to the floor then he sticks more vaseline in her mouth and he sticks his penis back into her mouth. The woman usually tastes her own shit by now. She has to continue giving him head or the "heather" will not be accomplished.
Big Hope : Hey Mighty Eagle, What did you do last night?

Mighty Eagle : I had crazy, nimpho sex with that spanish chick!

Big Hope : Was she any good?

Mighty Eagle : Yeah, she was really good. We tryed this new move called the "Heather".....

Big Hope : Oh I heard of that one, was it fun?

Mighty Eagle : Yeah I totally heathered her then later I shat on her face!

Big Hope : Nice! Wanna go eat some bannock?

Mighty Eagle : Yes sir! I love bannock!
by Michelle Pussythrusts November 29, 2007
a girl who loves kevin
Person #1: Whose that girl with Kevin?

Person #2: She's such a Heather
by brotatohead April 25, 2009
Shouts out random things, like, "look..there's a bug!" Uses Hailis vaginas for phone service. When she yells, she sounds like a little mouse. An awesome person and fun to be around. Bites their nails like crazy! Are very into Richards. Makes good friends with Hailis and Dennys. Loves Denny coffee and breakfast. Records Hailis singing Bohemien Rhasposdy. Fights Jeeps and looses.
Haili: "Wow, that girls yells like a Heather."
Denny: "Yeah, I know. It's quite funny."
by heatherisgay April 03, 2009
Heather is usually a name for dumpster babies. These dumpster babies usually grow up to be very skanky and unusually tiny.
Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Sally just found a baby in the dumpster, and named her Heather.
by Cal Hacker March 03, 2009
Someone who is usually the bitchy cheerleader type who is unusually short and stubby. Will show you her boobes. Will date any dumbass that doesnt really lover just because she wants someone. But is actually picky about her friends.
Did you see heather last night?
The cheerleader bitch?
Yea! She totally showed me her boobes!
by martinhater April 19, 2009
A very obese Blonde woman,who constantly makes unimaginiable mistakes from lack of intelligence,lives and functions in a fantasy world,and blames everyone but themselves for their own stupid mistakes.Usually loud, argumenitive, and highly ignorant,loves to have sex with groups of friends at the same time,whole families too.
I wish all those Heathers'would just quit lyin and tell the truth!

by Society's Unwanted August 12, 2008
A Heather is usually a whore.
It is a white female who is a good Christian on the outside, but then blows off her friends to go to parties, get wasted, give oral, and have as many sexual partners as physically possible.
That girl played innocent and said she wanted to be my friend, then she blew me off for some party where she got drunk and had sex with as many guys as she could; What a heather.
by KnowledgeableOne November 23, 2006

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