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Usually an ugly slut that cant keep out of a guys pants. She thinks she is so cute and funny, but in all people talk smack behind her back. She wont amount to anything because she sleeps with everyone and then they reget her from any kind of long term relationship. She'll say shes wanting to stay single, but the truth is no one wants her.
That girl hitting on my boyfriend must be a heather, to bad he's mine.
by The winning girl October 22, 2011
14 38
normally the ugliest fucking bitch ever. generally lesbian, but the butch kind. NOT the hot kind. All of her friends are in a biker gang and above the age of 50. She likes to creep on pretty girls and rub her finger between her toes while she does it. She's never had a boy/girlfriend and she rarely showers. She's gross.
Ugh I saw Heather with my grandpa today at the Smiling Skull Bar. Awkward...
by HeathersMom October 09, 2011
9 33
Heather is a beautiful sophisticated red head who is very intelligent. She has a fiery personality, and is a strong person. Heather is very easy to love and she's an awesome sister. She gets mad when you eat her food, but will give yours away like beads on Mardi Gras. She is loving, a bit of a wine-o, and fun to be around in general.
Oh, Heather. You're such an awesome gibble giblet. I could buy you a Red Volkswagon GTI or something.
by littlegibblegiblet December 31, 2009
50 79
A very pretty girl with a real crappy attitude. Hates everything and everyone unless it possesses a penis...then she'll love you long time. Never bring her to meet your parents, that's a no no. She thinks she's the hottest chick on the planet but she's only average. She'll sleep with your best friend in a heartbeat. Oh heathers are nasty little skanks.
oh that's heather, she's got the hurp
by erieri August 03, 2011
7 39
Usually a huge whore. Mean hearted girl. Always trying to make others feel bad. All around bad person. Heathers tend to drink too much and have no class.
Heather is a bitch!
by justkiddingnotreally August 15, 2011
12 45
A women who is nice to the extreme due to her christian background
This women is a left wing feminist who is also ignorant of world problems.
Man 1: You no that chick at the party i met last night?
Man 2: Yea what about her?

man 1: She was such a heather
man 2: haha lol
by sixtyninekrystina October 14, 2010
8 43
A Heather is a completely helpless troll who lives under the stairs of apartment complexes. They are usually quiet and timid at first, but once you get to know them...they explode and turn into an all out bitch that lets her true colors shine through!
Hey...who ate my pizza?

Probably the Heather under the stairs!
by Warman December 02, 2010
13 49