Another word for a woman with an afro. A very nice afro.
Wow what a fro!

That's no a fro, that's a Heather
by Graemekat December 16, 2010
A stone cold bitch. don't get me wrong she's a wonderful girl and sweet as can be, but after hanging out with her for any extended period time, you end up with a taste in your mouth and wonder, "Did I eat something bitchy earlier?"
"I hung out with Heather earlier today, and now i can't get the taste of the Jersey Shore mixed with cabbage out of my mouth!"


Me:hey heather how are you doing?
Heather: Fine how about you?
Me: Jesus, heather! Would you release the bitch throttle for like 5 minutes so i can hear myself think.
by kickittracy January 16, 2013
See definition of cunt.............. Zxgcjhndhnchnfhb
Heather is a bitch ass cunt
by Finnyfunnypuny February 22, 2014
Heather always knows what she is trying to say but can never say it, she is very bad in English class because she thinks words like "presentate" are actual words. She is very pretty and thinks her head is too big even though it looks perfectly normal. Has wonderful natural hair texture. Always gets food on herself when she eats and holds her boobs when she laughs but claims that she does not do either. likes to piss off Terry Weaver and created the term FTF. She is very outspoken (but can also be shy) and does not care what authority thinks of her. very hard to describe if you do not know heather. enjoys using urban dictionary terms. pretty much has the house that the gang hangs out at.
Heather: "We have no idea what we are about to instore."
by baketucci April 25, 2011
a female sometimes, a male who likes to wreck other peoples homes. Usually forces the man of the house to have sex with her while his wife is away thus causing lots of irrational figthing
Me: So what the hell is happening i see a lot of figthing on facebook?
Victim: Yeah Heather happened
Me: My god
by markymark? December 06, 2011
Someone who is less than amazing, funny or sporty. Actually she is mega bitch. If she doesn't kill you from boredom with the meaningless dribble she oozes into the atmosphere like a 1960s car spewing lead in a 5 year old's lungs, she'll drown you in endless streams tears she cries in seek of the smallest crumb of pity.

WARNING: If you are a man Heather will try and straddle you to within an inch of your life. Even if you desperately try and cover your crotch she will wrap those sweaty tree trunks around your face. Don't worry this doesn't mean she likes you, it is only because she is only comfortable if she has something with a y chromosome between her legs.
You: Heather is crying. Again.

Me: I thought I saw her with _____

You: Yeah she is riding him like a 'My Little Pony' whilst wiping her snotty nose on his back.
by themingemobile November 13, 2011
short meatball, who is usually overly obsessed with her ex.
will do anything to get him back, even if it includes ruining his relationship with another female.
Heather: babe, i will suck your dick if you want me to. I just want to be with you again.
by ImUnderAnonBxtch August 09, 2011

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