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beautiful actress that played in movies such as austin powers the spy who shagged me, anger management, and the guru.
heather is so pretty
by Nigga November 27, 2004
I kind of thought she was fit in Austin Powers (by the way she is an actress) and especially when I saw her in the Guru (dressed like an Indian lady and dancing to Bollywood-esque tunes was a major turn on as I am a Paki). But then I decided to go on the internet and look for some clips of her and there are tons of her going on like a proper ho, esp in Boogie Nights and some other movie I forget the name of (Do a Limewire or Kazaa search). Anyways, she is pretty hot but doesnt look as good naked as I hoped and she is apparently estranged from her family because they disagree with her nude movie roles. Anyways, its not my family so I dont give a fuck.
GUY #1 "Heather Graham is pretty hot in the Guru, damn why cant more Asian gals look that hot in a sari! "

GUY #2 "But she's a ho in Boogie nights and she aint look that good naked."

GUY #1 "Well I guess shes got pretty big tits for a girl that thin. Are they implants?"
by BigP69 October 07, 2005