Instead of saying you are mad, high schoolers are more commenly heard to say heated. It means that you are really angry.
Oh My God I got in a fight with my friend and I am soooo heated!
by italiangrl1707 May 02, 2007
noun: involving dangerous or controversial circumstances
So that chick sucked off Bob and Joe on the same night and neither one knew? That's mad heated!
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003
To be on another level because of smoking illigal substances. (to be really stoned)
Hey Craig, lets go get heated!
by ToneSki January 15, 2005
when u got a gat
a track thats tight
"we gonna go blast them foolz, u heated?"
"that nu yukmouth joint iz heated"
by YoungCali August 27, 2003
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