Slang for mad or frustrated. Usually in a verbally offensive attitude.
Guy 1:Eat a dick!
Guy 2:I'm gonna beat that f***** idiot up!
Guy 3:Haha, they're heated.
by BHM1250 June 23, 2009
To posess a weapon of some kind, usually a firearm.
"Yo foo get heated! We goin fo a drive-by!
by SAOG November 02, 2004
to become overly angry in a short amount of time, going from a normal, relaxed state of mind to a very angry, tense state of mind
Daniel was annoyed by the English teacher and Sean asked him if he was heated.
by nmknight23 January 13, 2012
1.(Adj.) an adjective to describe the feeling of mad or angry
guy1: Dude im sooo heated right now...
guy2: ohhhh why?!
guy1: cus my car jus got towed!!
by fourfivesix456 January 03, 2011
Being very angry
<Forest> are you alright chris? <chris>> no, im so heated right now <Forest> why? <Chris> fucking jad dude
by cheatcode October 28, 2010
1) When a certain area, event, or situation involves the presence of police / law enforcement / parents (or any other figure that would turn you in), therefore making it too risky to engage in the illegal activity you were planning.

2) Someone or something that is aggravating, annoying, loud, pesky, when you aren't in the mood to put up with it.
1) We were going to do it in the car, while parked inside the school parking garage, but it was way too heated.

2) Yo that chick Kathy is really heated and she is killing my high.
by FireTakesMeHigher February 03, 2010
A term used to describe a situation in which there is a risk of bodily harm, criminal charges or other unwanted concequences to you or those around you.
Man, this is heated, the cops could come any second.
Yo this party is heated, those gangstas are strapped.
by Senior Cardgage March 03, 2008
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