HeatBag has become more mainstreet. Being a HeatBag to some people means, you've got cash stuffed into your pockets that you can't fit any more, you've got the hottest chicks that hang around you, you're car likely is heatbagged out with shiny rims, lowered to the ground (a normal speed bump scraped your bottom), you likely have a posse, girl are attracted you big time. Just like the girls at heatbag.ca
I am the biggest HeatBag in town... or Hey, that guy is a big time HeatBag
by Fernando-T September 01, 2007
somebody that acts like an ass attracting police attention
pete's such a heat bag
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
Fags who wear G-Star Raw jackets and hoodies in 30°C weather.

Also includes people who wear G-Star, Diesel, Gas, Energie, Replay, Unlimited, Versace, D.S.L., Ben Sherman, Juicy, Underground Clothing, Evisu, 4 You Scandinavia, Seven, True Religion, Paige Jeans, Joe's Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, William Rast and People's Liberation, Christian Audigier, Smet , Ed Hardy , Dom Rebel , Sinful, Affliction, Soia & Kyo coats, Bench, Local God and Vecel and Posh.
Person A: "Holy shit, I can't believe those people are wearing G-Star Raw hoodies and jackets in 30°C weather!

Person B: "Yeah, they're heatbags."
by heatbag_h8r September 14, 2008
1.A person who attracts attention to someone who is stoned.

2.A place well known to pigs for illegal activity
1. Get away fom me, you heat bag.

2. I ain't goin ther, it's a heatbag.
by turbo October 29, 2003
A person who cuts in on you when your working your game at a party or club. He cuts in and takes over the situation and has the girl eating out of his hand and she forgets about you. He either steals her completely or makes you look like an ass, for which the girls want nothing to do with you from that point on.
Dave cut in and took that girl kyle was talking to, he's a heatbaggin' bastard.
by hb2 November 27, 2005
Someone who acts extremely gay or dumb. It's used as a chirp if you dont like that one person.
"Man, go away your such a heat bag"
by Connolly January 02, 2006
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