A young lady who is deemed to be attractive as well as promiscuous and is therefore selected as a sexual target.
"Lets go to the bar tonight and pick up a couple of heatbags." "Are there gonna be any heatbags at this party?"
by Tuff Tony February 11, 2009
Someone who is intentionally or unintentionally ruining an activity by unnecessarily worrying about getting caught.
Josh was killing the vibe by being a heatbag.
by Cally18 March 01, 2016
A person who simply cannot hide the fact that they are high or that they do drugs. Such people draw unwanted attention and scrutiny from authority, thus making the situation more tense or 'heat'. Hence heatbag.
Holy shit. Steve is such a heatbag.
by Bilbobagins October 03, 2011
Someone who attracts attention, but is actually a loser.

It can be physical - like a heatbag who wears cutoff shirts and expects you to look at him. But reallly he looks like a fag.

It can be psychological - Like someone saying, "yo bro, i just dropped 3 g's on my civic" Fact. He did not spend 3 g's but got a deal off one of his bros.

Origin- someone who drives around in the winter with their windows down blasting music - all while pumping heat in the car so they don't get cold - Heatbagging
Hey guys, look at Tony he's busting out his gay dance moves in front of those girls and he thiks hes actually gonna pick up - What a heatbag
by Naso November 06, 2011
Exciting and Dangerous. Adventure is likely inevitable.
Those two guys are the biggest Heatbags in town.
by Pierot December 04, 2007
A HeatBag is a male or female who just doesnt care what others think. They are not afraid to be loud, not concerned about appearing suspicious. HeatBag means strength in personality.
If you were to rob a bank for millions in cash, spending large sums immediately thereafter would be a heatbag thing to do.
by heatbag April 04, 2006

1. People who wear G-Star Raw hoodies and Jackets in 30°C weather.

2. People who wear Diesel, Gas, Energie, Replay, Unlimited, Versace, D.S.L., Ben Sherman, Juicy, Underground Clothing, Evisu, 4 You Scandinavia, Posh, even, True Religion, Paige Jeans, Diesel, G-Star, Joe's Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, William Rast, People's Liberation, Christian Audigier, Smet , Ed Hardy , Dom Rebel , Sinful, Affliction, Soia & Kyo coats, Bench, Local God and Vecel clothing.
1: "There are people wearing G-Star hoodies and jackets outside in 30°C weather.

2: "Yeah, they're called heatbags."
by hb3 September 14, 2008

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