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A mostly worthless employee, who often spends more energy trying not to do work than would if s/he just did his/her job. Usually reserved to describe off-shift employees, as in their primary function is to keep the building warm overnight.
"I don't even know how TJ got hired, he never does more than 15 minutes of actual work. I'm glad he got assigned to nights with the rest of the heat sticks."
by Red001 October 02, 2013
a nice warm stick of fecal matter that takes a bit of squeezing to get out.
I'm gonna go take a little heat stick, be right back
by Lloyd March 25, 2004
A way of sayin pistol in Detroit
Nigga on the phone: bro come thru we bouta ride out bring dat heat stick
by Pistola3 March 22, 2013
1. Noun, a meth pipe made of glass.

2. A Person who has been up for days and is flailing around and in great need of a nap. Someone who smokes the heat (METHamphetamine).
1. "Shit I broke the fucking Heat Stick !!!!, Now we gotta use the turkey baster.... bend over man, i'll do you, then you do me okay?!
by heatmeat October 29, 2010
A glass (bubble-ed ended) pipe used to smoke crystal methamphetamine
Honey? Have you seen my Heat Stick? I gotta' go to work, it's almost 9am!
by heatmeat October 29, 2010
A large erect warm penis
It's freezing out. Any of you ladies need a heat stick to warm your purple lips?
by Polishknight August 19, 2007
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