Also used to describe the immense power created by a car's engine.
Guy: DAMN that Camaro is packin some serious heat!
Another Guy: Yeah, man, I wouldn't want to mess with that kind of heat. Hell no!
by JTizzle July 03, 2004
Nitrous oxide injection for automobiles
That guy got heat in his car, you ain't catching him.
by PGrace August 04, 2003
Description of someone who's got the hook ups.
Natalie got us into the club, that girl's got the heat.
by natalia March 09, 2003
Cocaine: blow, da white, The BUUtah, baah tear, the butter
Man I could use a pick me up, who's holding the heat?
by Jesse August 19, 2004
1. Gun or guns
2. When one feels as though they will get caught doing something.
1. He's packing some heat.
2. "This bake is heat" Said Fred as the cops drove by.
by Cally18 March 01, 2016
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