A shell used by carious tanks around the world. It is short for High Explosive Anti-Tank
Watch me fry that jeep with this HEAT
by Aeroboy February 19, 2005
Acronym for Happily Ever After Today - the theory that you don't have to wait to get married to live your life happily ever after; no guilt in being happy just as you are.
She's a successful, smart woman who's living HEAT.
by Gigi, Esq. August 15, 2008
Heat- Someone who looks like they are on drugs, do drugs regularly, or sell drugs. Someone is only heat if you can tell they are on/do/sell drugs just by looking at them without any other information (i.e. knowing they are on/do/sell drugs regularly beforehand).
This random guy on the bus was like "hey buddy, I bet you smoke weed", I must be heat.

Paul- "Did you see that guy outside Micky D's?"
Sam- "Yah, that guy was mad heat, probably has the munchies"

Rob- "This kid down the street from me sells coke, he's only 16, its crazy"
James- "Who, Lucas?"
Rob- "Yah"
James- "I always thought that kid was heat"
by Malcolm X-Terminator January 12, 2008
1 a (1) : a condition of being hot : WARMTH (2) : a marked or notable degree of hotness b : pathological excessive bodily temperature c : a hot place or situation
Nobody beats the Longhorns in the Texas HEAT.
by worldofx September 07, 2006
a type of gun usually called this by gangsters
nice frigin heat we are gonna need it tonight when we smoke that house on fake street
by jake ford April 25, 2005
term for the weather
(usually used durngn summer and spring)
Yo Mom, what's the heat for next Thursday
by BabyDubbz September 06, 2005
Adjective describing an attractive lady. Abbreviation for "Hella Ass and Titties."
"You see Jen the other day? What a heat chick she is."
by wEssah April 06, 2008
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