Heat is an extremely good crime drama starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer, and a whole shitload of other great actors. It came out in 1995 and itis considered by many to be the best heist movie of all time. The acting is excellent and the characters actually have depth. Not to mention the action is kickass, too.
Joe-"Dude, what's the best bank robbery movie ever made?"

Jim- "It's Heat, man, that movie is the shit."
by Celtic_king41 April 22, 2010
The term "Heat" is also used down south as another word for good ass weed.
Ex. "This shit is some heat!"
Ex. "You got that heat?"
by Praetorian March 30, 2004
Confrontation or drama of some sort.
"I promise that wasn't even my heat."
-Jagged Edge, "Promise"
by twintron4 June 06, 2004
Weed. Or really good weed.
I got dat heat homie it's that good shit
by PDouggie fresh November 17, 2009
meaning someone is hot, good looking, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous etc.
Damn, youre heat!
Urrrrrrrr heat!
Did you see that girl? She is so heat!
by lostwithyou May 16, 2009
to cause or create a scene seeming illegal
as they did drugs one of the boys stood up and yelled cops!! heat.
by thbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt May 09, 2009
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