n. Especially steamy and usually exceptionally stanky poop.
Dude, I just read that whole book while I was droppin some serioius HEAT!!!
by an174 October 15, 2009
A term for cocaine made popualr by Bad Boy Bill the Orginal Badass of Boca in the late 90's.
Yo I got so fucked at Gatsby's I left with two bags of "heat".

Ah dude i got to stop doing "heat".

Dude im so yaked right now i did two grams of "Heat".

Yo break out another line of that "Heat"
by Al Coye/Danny Delacroy December 07, 2008
referring to exclusive or nice shoes.
Nam has so much heat he is going to start a wild fire if he walks near dry grass.
by D-La June 17, 2005
The thing that stoves, radiators, the Sun, fires, etc. emit.
Our stove emits lots of heat
by Aeroboy February 19, 2005
very very piss

the 1/10th of irate

created by Lubic from the LBc!
awww man, this is heats


your a heats person!

that guy is cheating. heats.
by Ricky November 24, 2004
Heat. In Underworld means
Law Enforcement of any kind, the heats been bustin our chops lately.
The Heats been bustin our chops lately!
by Wacko!! January 09, 2016
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