pigs - see cops and fuzz
the heat's right around the corner!
by Anonymous April 18, 2002
A rolled tobacco cirgarette...which kills many people, but ohh soo good. aka jacks, humps, p-funks, cigs
Yo Man, let me bum a heat stick!

Shit I got to stop by the store and pick up another pack of heats.
by James v April 06, 2006
Heat can be used a few different ways.

1. Used as a synonym for "gun"

2. To describe temperature.

3. To describe something that was intense. (Basically a synonym for "Intense" generally when the scenario is something that could get you in trouble.)
1. "dawg we gotta confront them dealers tonight. make sure ya'll are packin heat"

2. "Gee willikers zip-a-dee-doo-dah Batman. My teeth sure are sensitive, whether it's to the cold, or the heat!"

3. *Thieves just robbed a bank and ran into an ally way. The swarm of cop cars drive right past the ally in which the robbers are hiding, and do not see the robbers.* "Whoa dude, that was heat. Those cops almost caught us! We BARELY made it into this conveniently located ally way in which we are currently hiding in."
by BUTTONMASHER411 April 26, 2011
A term used by gangsters to describe:
1- a firearm
2- police activity

a basketball team from miami
1- go outside and act like your strapped with some heat!
2- lets get outta here! theres too much heat!
3- YES! the heat won last night!
by poonnoob February 12, 2011
To greatly insult someone verbally (and sometimes physically) about themselves, situations they've been in, their family, friends, or anything under the sun. It is more of a competitive thing mostly used to see who can make the other person feel stupid. Types of jokes used are jokes about a person they look like, objects they look or smell like, a quote from a song, book, movie etc.. that they are relevant to, their clothing, etc. Most people use these to have a laugh, some people use it to piss the other person off (leading to fights).

There are certain words to use after every refernce such as

"Lookin ass"
"Body ass"
"Foot ass"
"Face ass"
"Back ass"
"Jaw ass"
"chin ass"
"havin ass"

or anything else having to do with the previous heat. Those are the more commonly used ones though.
Bob: Kevin you heatin nigga?

Kevin: get yo big bird lookin ass boi.

Bob: aaah hell yea im finna get yo Barry White lookin ass.

Kevin: hell yea look like this nigga got lined up wit a blockbuster card.

Bob: i know this nigga not tryin to heat wit that tight ass shirt on, you can see that nigga heart beat through that shit.

Kevin: man get yo big Amistad face ass big "LET US FREEE" toe ass boi.

(everyone that was watching laughs at Bob because Kevin made him feel stupid with his last heat.)
by 1357 June 20, 2006
A Word to describe something dope you've recently gotten or picked up. The word has been popularized by people who go to thrift stores and pick up vintage clothes. (Thrifters)
Jack: Hey man what did you cop at the thrift?
Logan: I got some mad heat, a 49ers satin jacket, 2 snapbacks and a real clean starter jacket.
by LGrant February 12, 2012
Slang for any male sexual performance drug.

The reason why these drugs get the name heat is because when you take them your face gets super hot and you start to sweat.

You can tell if someone is on heat if their face turns red or they start to get a runny nose.

Heat has been known to turn a normal man into superman in bed. Normal guys who dont have ED are now taking heat just to fuck like porn stars.

Just like baseball players taking roids heat is the new performance enhancing drug.

Rick James once said that cocaine his a helluva drug. The same can be said for heat.

If the wind blows wrong down there it will activate heat.
1. Man this bitch aint gonna know what hit her tonight cause I'm going to pop some heat and fuck the shit out of her.
by Optimus Prime #15 October 25, 2010

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