Basically a gun of any type.
Bob: I've had about enough of you guys (pulls out a pistol).
Sherman: Whoa! Big Bob the bottom dweller's packing heat! Take it easy, Bob.
by Your Momma In A Two Piece December 15, 2004
verb: To be in a time of highest level of reproductivity, usually used when describe animals.
Wolves go into heat early in the year
by Lupis Lupine July 25, 2003
In this case, it mostly used to describe nice, rare, exclusive, vintage, etc. sneakers.
Person One: Yo doe, take a look! Brotha's got heat on his feet.
Person Two: Werd! Them fresh Pillars are waiting to be robbed ma niggs.
by Yellow Spotted Green Cow August 07, 2007
Heat means the attention you and your crew give off when you are performing dangerous and supsicious activities. When your group is wondering around the streets and look very supsicious, while this is happenein cops are attracted to you. I.E. Smoking up, drinking up, and beating up.
"We better get out of here, all of us standing around is giving off some real heat."
by Jimmy Jim Jimson July 30, 2006
Function: Noun
Etymology: Originated in the greater Los Angeles region; Comes from the phrase "hot shoe". Commonly used amongst individuals that collect shoes.
1: A rare pair of sneakers
2: A pair of Nike Dunks, Jordans, Air force 1's, Airmax etc...
"Hey foo, I got some new heat the other day."
"YO', check out that foo's heat!?"
"Man! That foo swears his heat are tight."
by JVBVMOTHERFUCKER March 11, 2006
a term used by us sneaker heads. heat means that you have some serious rare or "fresh" shoes.
guy 1:yo Jacob just coped some Jordan 11 space jams
guy 2: that's some serious heat
by awyea May 04, 2010
To talk about someone badly or "roast" them.
"Uhh cuz he finna heat you"
by Johnny G. November 14, 2003
One of the best bank robbery movies of all time. Think North Hollywood shootout.
You want to be making moves on the street, have no attachments (women), allow nothing to be in your' life that you cannot walk out on in 30 seconds or less if you spot the heat coming around the corner.
by Natanita October 30, 2011
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