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To greatly insult someone verbally (and sometimes physically) about themselves, situations they've been in, their family, friends, or anything under the sun. It is more of a competitive thing mostly used to see who can make the other person feel stupid. Types of jokes used are jokes about a person they look like, objects they look or smell like, a quote from a song, book, movie etc.. that they are relevant to, their clothing, etc. Most people use these to have a laugh, some people use it to piss the other person off (leading to fights).

There are certain words to use after every refernce such as

"Lookin ass"
"Body ass"
"Foot ass"
"Face ass"
"Back ass"
"Jaw ass"
"chin ass"
"havin ass"

or anything else having to do with the previous heat. Those are the more commonly used ones though.
Bob: Kevin you heatin nigga?

Kevin: get yo big bird lookin ass boi.

Bob: aaah hell yea im finna get yo Barry White lookin ass.

Kevin: hell yea look like this nigga got lined up wit a blockbuster card.

Bob: i know this nigga not tryin to heat wit that tight ass shirt on, you can see that nigga heart beat through that shit.

Kevin: man get yo big Amistad face ass big "LET US FREEE" toe ass boi.

(everyone that was watching laughs at Bob because Kevin made him feel stupid with his last heat.)
by 1357 June 20, 2006
We gotta pack some serious heat for this drive by
by AC October 22, 2003
Heat has several meanings as a word and one as an abriviation.

Heat as a slang term is commonly used to describe a weapon of some kind, usually a pistol. "You packing heat?"

Heat as in heat generated by an exothermic reaction is an increase in energy of particles causing them to move/vibrate more rapidly, in some materials this can cause electricity to flow more easily, for materials to melt then evaporate.

When an animal "goes into heat" they are at their most sexually active and reproductive time of the year, this would usually occur during the "mating season" of the particular animal.

As a military abrieviation, HEAT means High Explosive Anti Tank. This is a rocket or other explosive missile/shell designed to penetrate through a tracked vehicles armour before detonating it's explosive charge to disable/destroy the target. (For those of you wondering, there is such a thing as "low explosive")
"Hostile armour spotted, load up a HEAT round, let's take it out."
by MarineJulio April 06, 2005
Unessary or Unwanted attention
Fuck smoking a joint infront of the cop shop is heat
by Drew April 14, 2003
a firearm
you packing heat tonight?
by Anonymous April 18, 2002
1.(n)- Ghetto slang for POLICE
2.(n)- Ghetto slang for hand-gun
1. Damn, tha heats followin us!
1. Shit!! the heats flashin the blues and reds!
2. I got the heat under the seat
2. Dont make me pull out my heat
by Peoples Champ November 04, 2005
Basically a gun of any type.
Bob: I've had about enough of you guys (pulls out a pistol).
Sherman: Whoa! Big Bob the bottom dweller's packing heat! Take it easy, Bob.
by Your Momma In A Two Piece December 15, 2004
A large and/or rare collection of shoes. It could be, but not limited to, jordans, nike sb, and airmax.
He wore Unkles on Saturday, Preme Highs on Sunday, and today he's wearing Firereds. That man has heat!
by AL SKI June 28, 2009