A pattern of erratic driving used to determine if one is being followed by police, usually consisting of a series of turns and stops.
Steve: Why did you drive through that guy's yard?
Mitch: Just doing a heat check.
by Bulldog24 March 04, 2009
Top Definition
Attempting to do something extra difficult when you're on a roll.
Dan: Dude, you launched that trey from halfcourt.
Jermaine: It was just a heat check man. I was feelin' it.
by Enrique Ricardo August 21, 2007
A heat check is when you do something to check to see how hot you are. In basketball, this is done by taking a crazy shot to see if you are so hot, you can even make ridiculous shots. It is the most direct, non-subtle attempt to score with no strategy at all. In pursuing women, a heat check is a simple, direct statement made to a woman to see if she will be interested. A man is “just checking” to see if it works without needing more clever methods. The best heat checks involve minimal risk, because they are harmlessly “just checking” and not a full-blown attempt.
Guy 1: Why did you invite that girl to the bar with you so directly? Don’t you think it had zero chance of working?
Guy 2: Just a heat check. As long it doesn’t damage my chances at all with her in the future, it just checks to see if she might say yes to pure directness.
by Eric Kazinsky May 17, 2016
When someone is really hyped that they need to express themselves in a way that represents a group of homeless men having hardcore anal on the streets.
Oh hey, Look at that heat check!
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